Learn To Play Music, Dancing and Art

You can never be too young or too old to learn music.

Music Is For Everyone

We teach students from 4 years old to over 80 years old.

Learn To Draw

Creative Art class In Setia Alam.

Relaxed and fun

Designed to make it fun and easy to play music.

Dance For Fitness

Dance and fitness classes for children and adults.

Neo Music Studio

Neo Studio was established in 2015. In Klang District, the studio is an institution of higher learning that specializes in cultivating advanced professional music, art and dance talents.

The beautiful environment in the studio allows students to concentrate more on learning. In addition, Studio offers music classes such as piano classes, guitar classes, jazz drum classes, vocal singing classes, violin classes and ukulele classes and cello classes. Art class offered children a creativity course and a graphic course, besides this, the studio also offers dance classes Kpop and Hip Hop.

Neo Studio has established a strong teaching management team, and is among the best in teaching and creation. In recent years, Neo Studio has reached the high level of hundreds of students and has also cultivated many musical and artistic talents. They also received many honors throughout Malaysia. For example: The best piano accompaniment for the best piano solo, singing contest awards. They also take the responsibility of building first-class music schools and aims to cultivate first-rate music talents.

The staff of Neo Studio work together, unite and adhere to the teaching as the studio aiming at improving the quality of teaching and continuously enhancing the strength of running schools to cultivate the highest-level professional music, art and dance talents.

Our Music Classes

Our music classes are designed to help everyone thrive and develop the love of music and learning through play. From aged 4 to adults. Classes are available in Klang and Setia Alam Centre.


Guitar & Ukulele




Violin & Cello

Our Dance For Fitness Classes

Dance for fitness is a type of group exercise class that incorporates some or many forms of dance. From aged 5 to adults. The dancing classes are available in Setia Alam Centre.

Fitness Exercise

K-Pop Dance

Our Art And Education Classes

A small and friendly drawing and painting class suitable for adults at all levels. And STEAM education helping your kids enhance their critical thinking skills and recognize the intersection of art, science, technology, engineering, and math. The art and education classes are available in Klang and Setia Alam Centre.

Art Class

STEAM Education

Students Gain Awards for Exam Performances

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